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Apr. 17th, 2017 09:43 am
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I was going to hold off until I have finished moving across to Dreamwidth before posting, but it appears that will take days (1000+ people waiting in the import queue) and I have been making friends at  [community profile] addme  and [community profile] 2017revival  and it seems wrong to invite people to visit my home only to discover the place is empty, right?

So rather than waiting to work out where to put the book cases and working out if I can be bothered hanging up the pictures, let's just bog in.

I was looking at my 16 year old niece yesterday and thinking I have a journal that is older than you. The mind boggles. When did that happen?

I'm in my middle years. I live with my parents, because I live in the second most expensive city in the world. (What used to be an undesirable $200,000 hovel when I was in my 20's had since sold for $1.7m - talking about property prices is a Sydney thing.) I got priced out of the rental market about 15 years back and it makes much more sense to give that much money back to the family and ensure things like the lights are on and the food is on the table and going halves on the internet connection. My home loan deposit savings have been sensibly relabelled as my retirement fund. 

What else? I started a new job about 6-7 weeks back and still experiencing new job stress attacks. The company is dealership/support desk for accounting software (Genius right? Every company needs accounting software). I thought I was signing up for back office admin Instead, in a bit of a bait and switch, I'm frontline customer service! 
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My mother does denial very well. She isn't in the best of health (too many birthdays...)

She went for a walk along the relatively flat ground with frequent rest breaks (every 12 paces) on Friday and she's pretty much taken to bed ever since, claiming she feels awful and complaining about feelings of doom.

We can go down two different paths for the diagnosis:

Suspicion 1: She refuses to take her blood pressure, because you know that might actually explain a lot and we could get help for her. But that would mean admitting there is a problem.

Suspicion 2: Chronic depression. Nothing can be done about this until she admits there is a problem. She comes from the generation where mental illness had one hell of a social stigma. My sister and I both sit on the depression/mood affected disorder spectrum and it stands to reason it comes from somewhere in the family tree.

I'm going for a combination of the two and I can't help with either until she cooperates. 


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