Apr. 21st, 2017

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Mum went out to the garden and managed to pick five weeds before the feeling of doom returned and she had to go lie down.

At least this time she took her blood pressure and established that it was too high. Feeling doomed and the instinct to go lie down is the body's way of saying look after yourself.

She won't get to see the doctor before Wednesday. I'm making her take notes of the blood pressure throughout the day and record what she was trying to do at the time - so the doctor has something to work with. Hopefully it will be enough to get her bumped up the queue to see the heart specialist.

She's so crook - I did the cooking - in her kitchen (she's usually fiercely territorial). 

I came home to find Dad had prepared the raw ingredients (seriously it was all in little bowls and things like I was TV chef or something).

I went to work this morning with the intention of giving notice and found I couldn't do it. They are good people and I'm too nice, or something. Still stressed out.

When I started the job the Friday tradition was sausage inna bun. Which involved buying the ingredients, cooking the sausages, washing up... and like hell I was going to do  it. There is a limit.

So anyway the local pizza parlour delivers and thus a new tradition is born.


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