Apr. 26th, 2017

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The "I need friends post" has been wildly successful.

Everyone seems more interesting than me and with far more to say.

I renewed my drivers licence yesterday. I discovered you can do it online and they just recycle the photo from the last licence. Considering that I only renew it every five years and that the photo is already five years old. I consider this a win. In another five years time my drivers licence is going to look ten years younger than me. 

I just finished reading a book. A murder mystery. I find it very difficult to read a book now without examining the mechanics of how it was written. Only one plot hole. Characters A and B in a room talking together. Character A stops for long rambling internal monologue and then calls Character B on the telephone. Oops.

The book might have been enhanced further by the redaction of the world "suddenly" in the more suspenseful bits. Also, the tidal change in Norfolk salt marsh/tidal flats as a key plot driver broke my suspension of belief. I firmly believe that anyone living that close would consult tide charts and at the very least (well at least I would) have them attached to the back of the front door.


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