May. 15th, 2017

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I got to IKEA yesterday. We took Dad's car which is big enough to take a 2 metre length package. (It was never going to fit in my car, I drive a tiny Japanese 'kick me sticker' - I don't get respect in heavy traffic.)

Only minimal swearing on Dad's part when we got lost in the store and he ran out of patience. He found us this awesome shortcut that took us from A to B and got us exactly where we needed to go. Getting out of IKEA he was driving too fast for me to give directions so we ended up on this huge multi-lane highway leading out of Sydney. There was a lot more fucking profanity about that.

But we survived (for a while there we found ourselves on the M4, not for the faint heard and easily stressed. Thank goodness it was early Sunday morning or we'd still be trapped on it. That piece of road is the varicose vein of Sydney).

I got the bed frame together with no problems. Then went to sleep in it to recover test it. I can now get out of bed without a struggle. Yay me.

I can see myself going back on my own in a few weeks for a bedside table (the current one is now waaaaay to short).


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