May. 17th, 2017

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 I have been in the job only three months and I have decided that I have had enough.

I've adjusted my CV and I've put it out on the market again. I'm staying in this job until I get a better offer (or until they really cheese me of).

This job was a bait and switch from the start. I applied for back office admin with some bookkeeping - what I got was front line customer service for an IT support company. 

For a company that started in 2004, it has a weird human resources dynamic. All the rank and file employees are new in the 18 month/2 year mark there is only one senior employee with any experience and she freaks out when asked for advice and assistance.

On Monday we were told not to contact her for any reason. How are we supposed to do our jobs without any training/recourse to a senior technician? The partner who gave this directive said to consult him instead, but he is never here. And to contact him we have to use this weird online task list program, instead of like you know using email, sms or just talking to him when he is in the office.

I'm stressed out and I'm still taking anti-anxiety meds - not a good thing when I'm bipolar (This journal will never be about my illness, just so you know. It's one's business but my own.)


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