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I follow the exploits of the Sydney Sympony Orchestra.

Mainly because they play at the Sydney Opera House and by a weird quirk of our not terribly good public transport system I get door-to-door service (not to be sneezed at when getting home at midnight).

I don't attend the Classical performances, they aren't always enjoyable. Boredom and the inability to cough without getting lynched by the people sitting around you is no fun.

I do attend stuff on their Pop/Jazz/Soundtrack series.

The last soundtrack I saw was Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. They run the movie on the screen and the orchestra sitting below provides the soundtrack. It was great fun and audience participation was encouraged (cheering, laughter and hissing at Slytherins), it was great fun.

My current ticket is for George Michael: Praying for Time - a tribute show. It was sold out except for one seat and now it is all mine. I'm not that much of a George Michael fan, but the music should be good.

(I regret that I missed out on the David Bowie tribute show apparently it was good.)

Date: 2017-05-05 09:39 pm (UTC)
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What a neat way to experience HP! They are so creative - it sounds really fun!

I hope you enjoy George Michael!


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