Red Sister

May. 11th, 2017 07:19 am
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Red Sister by Mark Lawrence

I enjoyed reading Red Sister, the most recent novel written by this author. It had women in it. Lots of women, they laughed they cried, the got hurt and they kicked ass. They had friendships and relationships. In the great scheme of things, fantasy novels that handle women are rare. Lots of strong female characters, even rarer. The prophecy/chosen one storyline was given a kicking. (There is a lot of violence, Abeth is an unforgiving world, I don't recommend it if you hate the sight of blood) It had the best first sentence hook I have read in a long time. "It is important, when killing a nun, to ensure that you bring an army of sufficient size." 

Most of the plot line revolves around novices learning how to be warrior/ninja nuns. It is great stuff.

I recommend Red Sister, but approach the rest of his stuff with caution.

I enjoyed myself lots and I was prepared to believe I had found a male author who could write about women so I went back to the first thing he had written. But I struck a problem a few pages into the first chapter of the first book of his first trilogy. Let's be blunt here. Rape is unacceptable. Rape is unacceptable as the motivator/activator for the main character (his mother is dies badly before his eyes when he was a child). The main character is then given license to be a murdering/torturing psychopath and the reader is stuck between his ears. It is an uncomfortable read.

The beauty of kindle/audio books is you can return crap like this for a refund even faster than it takes to buy them 1-click.

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