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May. 22nd, 2017 06:25 pm
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Thanks for your support. I was really stressed out.

Friday's talk with the boss was the postponed by my "I'm too stressed to talk about it." That of course gave me all weekend to think about, not smart Pipi.

We had a reasonable talk over a cup of coffee and when he is not being much of a boss, he is a huge geek. 80's era Australian Sci-Fi comic books doesn't usually pop up in real world conversation. 

My work-mate S was very disappointed with the news. I'm staying until after his baby boy is born. I'll miss him too. English isn't his first language and spoken Australian English has all sorts of interesting opportunities for pratfalls and misunderstandings. We've been having great fun of a morning before work starts.

I'm still working on getting him to pronounce "pizza' properly. He just doesn't get the "-tsa" sound right (there is no "za" sound in Nepali and it comes out as "pichja"). Zoo sound like Jew, etc

And there are words and sayings like:

"crook as" = Crook as Rookwood (Cemetery) i.e., very sick indeed.

"hospital pass" - comes from Rugby. It means deliberately throwing the ball to a team mate who is surrounded by members of the opposing team. As a result, the poor bastard will probably leave the field on a stretcher.
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