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Book 5 to Book 19 in a month - Bad Pipi.

Anti-social much?

I was going to post more often but between comfort reading, the chaos at work, job hunting - and working on the novel - have all eaten up my time.

I have a job interview on Friday afternoon. These guys are building services engineers. Basically the architect designs the shell of the building and the engineers will tell you where the things like lights, electricity, air conditioning ducts and fire sprinklers are supposed to go. I had a similar job at the same type of company about six years ago so they are looking at my resume. 

I nearly fainted with delight when I saw the email signature of the lady I have been talking too - an engineering firm with a HR & Payroll officer. The firm is actually big enough and successful enough to split out the admin roles. It's more normal in an engineering firm to have an office manager that does _everything_ (including bookkeeping, which I am avoiding like the plague).

Am I stressed about it? I'm more stressed about taking the car into that part of the city and getting back again on a Friday night. If you saw the fly overs and distributors that stretch from the Anzac bridge across Darling Harbour, through the CBD and leading to the Sydney Harbour bridge you too would tremble in your car seat. I've worked out I can get home via Anzac Bridge and Victoria Road - providing I get on the Anzac Bridge and immediately cross four lanes of fast moving traffic before I get to the lights at White Bay. O.O

I am hoping for traffic congestion to slow things down.
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