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The "I need friends post" has been wildly successful.

Everyone seems more interesting than me and with far more to say.

I renewed my drivers licence yesterday. I discovered you can do it online and they just recycle the photo from the last licence. Considering that I only renew it every five years and that the photo is already five years old. I consider this a win. In another five years time my drivers licence is going to look ten years younger than me. 

I just finished reading a book. A murder mystery. I find it very difficult to read a book now without examining the mechanics of how it was written. Only one plot hole. Characters A and B in a room talking together. Character A stops for long rambling internal monologue and then calls Character B on the telephone. Oops.

The book might have been enhanced further by the redaction of the world "suddenly" in the more suspenseful bits. Also, the tidal change in Norfolk salt marsh/tidal flats as a key plot driver broke my suspension of belief. I firmly believe that anyone living that close would consult tide charts and at the very least (well at least I would) have them attached to the back of the front door.
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Mum went out to the garden and managed to pick five weeds before the feeling of doom returned and she had to go lie down.

At least this time she took her blood pressure and established that it was too high. Feeling doomed and the instinct to go lie down is the body's way of saying look after yourself.

She won't get to see the doctor before Wednesday. I'm making her take notes of the blood pressure throughout the day and record what she was trying to do at the time - so the doctor has something to work with. Hopefully it will be enough to get her bumped up the queue to see the heart specialist.

She's so crook - I did the cooking - in her kitchen (she's usually fiercely territorial). 

I came home to find Dad had prepared the raw ingredients (seriously it was all in little bowls and things like I was TV chef or something).

I went to work this morning with the intention of giving notice and found I couldn't do it. They are good people and I'm too nice, or something. Still stressed out.

When I started the job the Friday tradition was sausage inna bun. Which involved buying the ingredients, cooking the sausages, washing up... and like hell I was going to do  it. There is a limit.

So anyway the local pizza parlour delivers and thus a new tradition is born.
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I've moved in! The import function has worked as advertised, roughly about 2 days, which isn't so bad  

I've deleted my LJ (I kind of feel weird and creeped out about doing it). 

Funnily enough there is no temptation to try and use DW on either a phone or pad. It's like squinting through a keyhole with my glasses off. I will have to go old school and find a desk and keyboard. 

I'm blind tired. The helpdesk is running with a skeleton crew of exactly one technician this week and we already had a week's backlog so every customer call is a legitimate customer complaint in the musical key of irate. I'm supposed to log customer complaints for the weekly team meeting. I think I'll just save the highlights. 

I'm so not designed for frontline customer service.
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My mother does denial very well. She isn't in the best of health (too many birthdays...)

She went for a walk along the relatively flat ground with frequent rest breaks (every 12 paces) on Friday and she's pretty much taken to bed ever since, claiming she feels awful and complaining about feelings of doom.

We can go down two different paths for the diagnosis:

Suspicion 1: She refuses to take her blood pressure, because you know that might actually explain a lot and we could get help for her. But that would mean admitting there is a problem.

Suspicion 2: Chronic depression. Nothing can be done about this until she admits there is a problem. She comes from the generation where mental illness had one hell of a social stigma. My sister and I both sit on the depression/mood affected disorder spectrum and it stands to reason it comes from somewhere in the family tree.

I'm going for a combination of the two and I can't help with either until she cooperates. 


Apr. 17th, 2017 09:43 am
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I was going to hold off until I have finished moving across to Dreamwidth before posting, but it appears that will take days (1000+ people waiting in the import queue) and I have been making friends at  [community profile] addme  and [community profile] 2017revival  and it seems wrong to invite people to visit my home only to discover the place is empty, right?

So rather than waiting to work out where to put the book cases and working out if I can be bothered hanging up the pictures, let's just bog in.

I was looking at my 16 year old niece yesterday and thinking I have a journal that is older than you. The mind boggles. When did that happen?

I'm in my middle years. I live with my parents, because I live in the second most expensive city in the world. (What used to be an undesirable $200,000 hovel when I was in my 20's had since sold for $1.7m - talking about property prices is a Sydney thing.) I got priced out of the rental market about 15 years back and it makes much more sense to give that much money back to the family and ensure things like the lights are on and the food is on the table and going halves on the internet connection. My home loan deposit savings have been sensibly relabelled as my retirement fund. 

What else? I started a new job about 6-7 weeks back and still experiencing new job stress attacks. The company is dealership/support desk for accounting software (Genius right? Every company needs accounting software). I thought I was signing up for back office admin Instead, in a bit of a bait and switch, I'm frontline customer service! 
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*Opens Facebook account*

Finds LJ old friends, who haven't changed all that much. Haven't really missed them during the last nine years (sorry). Decides Facebook is the Tower of Babel lots of quick shiny clippings, snippets, photos and videos. Every time someone so much as picks their nose there is another update.

*Walks away from Facebook*
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I've filled out the paperwork. Paid the money. (Why do you have to pay up front - don't you want to pay the surgeon for doing a good job afterwards?)

Why the fuck do they put TV in waiting rooms?

So I'm stuck sitting here.

Coffee Shop

Jun. 9th, 2016 06:50 am
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I found a new coffee shop that is open really early -- necessary since I get into work at about 6.30 am (I don't actually start until 8.15am) they let me come in early and write.

Anyway the new coffee shop is the closest to the local cop shop. I figured that because of the cops they should be open for business at a crazy insane early hour, right? I was right on - they open at 5.30 am. O.O

Bus driver

Jun. 7th, 2016 06:40 am
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I have the same bus driver every morning at 6am. She's great. If anyone falls asleep they can't miss their stop. She wakes them up and kicks them out.


Jun. 6th, 2016 07:38 am
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At work we said goodbye to a lovely lady. Made redundant because the sales team didnt make budget, which with hurt them more.

When I came in this morning I found she had left a vase of poppies on my desk
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Seriously. When did LJ become such a vast echo chamber?

A lot has happened to me in the past 8 years.
After taking lithium for 8 years i've recently been taken off it, as it made a play for shutting down my kidneys -- which caused something of a scare. I seem to have been lucky and no lasting damange has been done.

What does this mean for me now? I'm taking other stuff that will hopefully cover the gap. And I can now eat salt without fear that it will mess with the litihum and my head. I can eat cheese. I can eat a lot of things now. Some of my favourite snack foods are no longer in production. *cries* They brought back Toobs and took them away again in the time it took for me to get free.

Still, if I move to a savoury diet I can cut on the sugar.

And on the subject of sugar. I'm about to have surgery to remove a problem wisdom tooth. Same old story with the high tolerance to pain. By the time I notice these things the dentist is telling me he won't touch it and a specialist is going to have to go in and do the deed.

As far as writing goes. The first manuscript has been stuffed into a file for being so bad it should never see the light of day. The second one stalled out. I've wasted two years on it and I've taken it around the back of the shed and shot it.

I'm hopeful about the third manuscript -- I'm going to stick with entertaining myself rather than write it with any commercial goal. That seems to be the hang up.
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This will make no sense as I'm having difficulty writing at all.

I fell into a depressive patch last August and got hit with writer's block as a thank you very much.

Currently my happiness is based on a little pill that may/will send me manic. At which point I get to try a new little pill. Don't even talk to me about side effects. I'm finally tapering off the other pill, the one that makes me fat and forgetful.

My sister finally talked to me. She's in the same boat, bipolar wise. Admitting something is wrong is a big step.
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I'm the only one here all week and the most constructive thing I have done so far is take down the Christmas decorations.

Don't laugh - I'm being paid a lot of money to take down tinsel and stare at a phone that doesn't ring.

Don't get me wrong, come Monday I will have a pile of constructive material for show and tell (I'm not stupid).

The second most constructive thing I've done is stare at an audit report. I can't do much more than make it pretty with highlighters. I've analysed the content, located a missing document and made a short summary - and that's all I can do with it without other people involved.

Next year I'm taking all of January off.

Two Flower?

Jan. 9th, 2013 07:36 pm
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Two Flower is this you?

(Reference will only make sense if you read Terry Pratchett - Two Flower is the Discworld's first tourist, believes that nothing bad will happen to him because he is a tourist)

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Does anyone in the United States want to become my new best friend forever?

I'm getting one step closer to sending my novel to a publisher in the United States and to do that I need to include self addressed stamped envelopes - but there is a twist.

As an overseas writer I need to get a bunch of International Reply Coupons out of the United States Postal Service.

It can be done online and it all looks so easy, except the online form doesn't accept international customers and I can't even register a complaint with customer service because the form doesn't accept my address and I'm sick of trying to game a false state and zip code.

So, is anyone interested and do you have a Paypal account so I can reimburse you?

ETA: It can wait until after the Christmas season, I won't call on anyone to go anywhere near a post office until the tinsel as been packed away for the year. That would be crazy talk.
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